Summer 2019

Hi there! It’s summer in Texas and I actually have a little time to catch y’all up on some of the things going on around the farm this spring and summer. This year has been kind of crazy with really wet weather for the first 6 months and now we are in somewhat of a drought. When one is happening I wish for the other. The wet weather and cool temperatures caused a lot of fungal development on some plants, especially Fusarium on Lisianthus. It was so sad! With cutting it back and treating with copper fungicide I got it somewhat under control and now in July I’m able to have a good harvest.

Another issue I had in later spring was getting my seeds started. Unfortunately I had my seedling trays too close to the ground and had some critter eating the seeds before they could even germinate. The problem was solved with new, custom made propagation tables.


I also let some things get too dry! Stupid mistake, but it happens. So, I lost a lot of plants this spring. I was able to catch up though with lots of zinnias, gomphrena, basil, cosmos, lisianthus, celosia, and even a few dahlias. It’s all coming along. My newest challenge now is the dry, hot midsummer weather. In Texas, we have a long way to go! Things are not going to cool down until mid to late September.



One other thing I can tell you is that it is much harder to get young plants established in the ground this time of year! I have had several plantings of seedlings fry a few days after planting. So, that might mean a gap in production again. I hope not, but we’ll see. I just planted sunflowers, amaranth, marigolds (most of them died), and more zinnias, basil and cosmos. I have been really babying them along and although I have lost several, most have rooted in. Another round of seedlings are on the tables including more celosia, basil, marigolds and pretty soon I’ll start another, and probably last, round of zinnias. It’s going to have to be a blow out for zinnias this fall! I really like them and they did so well for me this year.

I love them because there are so many different kinds! There’s the big ‘Benary Giant’, the smaller ‘Oklahoma’ and the awesome ‘Queen’ series. They come in any color except blue and they can be just as pretty as any other flower! They can be elegant, bold, cute and funky, depending on the variety.


The plants will last for a good while too. My first planting is still going, although it will probably be the next crop to come out.

Another good thing this spring and summer is the bouquet subscriptions at Blockhouse in Historic Downtown Richmond. They started in April this year and will end after August. I plan on expanding this project next year with at least another pick up location at the NEW Blockhouse in Katy...more on that later.


Another blessing from working with Blockhouse is meeting my new apprentice, Carley! She is such a hard worker and really keeps me going. She helps with everything in the field including weed control, planting, mulching, clean up, bucket washing, harvesting and more!


There’s a lot going on around here and I’ll share as much as I can when I can! In the meantime, I’ll be growing flowers and carting a kid around to Jiu Jitsu (and eating Domino’s Pizza) and even visiting Galveston soon!


Thanks for following!